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We have several office policies we wish to make you aware of.

After hours
Everyone can experience an after-hours emergency. Calls to the office after hours are sent to our 24 hours switchboard where you may leave a voice message or have the on-call doctor paged. After hours calls are for emergency situations only and which usually can not wait until the next business day.  Abuse of this service can lead to discharge from the practice.  Medication refills after hours are not generally considered medical emergencies and such requests will be denied.

Office Abuse
We do not tollerate abusive behaviors in the office or on the phone. Threatening office staff will usually result in instant discharge from the practice.

We accept AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, checks and of course, cash. We do not offer credit.  Co-pays are due at the time of service and will not be billed.   If your copay is not made at the time of your visit, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

We understand schedules run late.  We will accommodate late arrivals where possible to 10 minutes past your scheduled appointment time. Beyond that, we may need to ask you to reschedule your visit. We appreciate your cooperation in arriving on time or giving us reasonable notice to reschedule you.  That said, it we run late and you can not wait, we will be happy to reschedule with you at no charge to you.

No shows
There is a charge applied to your account if you "no-show."  This charge helps defray the cost of staff and resources who reserved time exclusively for your visit.  We discharge patients for an excessive number of no-shows.

Payment for service is due when rendered. We do not provide credit.  We do participate with certain insurance carriers at our sole discretion.  Bills are always made to you the patient not to an insurance company.

We participate with as many insurance carriers as we can, but not all.  All medical services are rendered to you personally as the patient and not to your insurance company. As such, you always accept and remain liable for all unpaid amounts on your account.  Refer to our complete financial policy available for download from this site.

We will treat any bill that remains unpaid, disputed or refused by a carrier after 60 days as delinquent and immediately due from you regardless of the reason for the delay. You will begin to receive statements for payment as soon as 3 days after we receive a payment statement ("EOB") from your insurance.  Please be sure to check your EOB for errors and contact your insurer if you disagree with any portion. We can not resolve disputes between you and your insurance over deductibles, lab fees, durable equipment, hospital visits or non-covered medications. Notwithstanding the above, it is in everyones interest to cooperate to get your insurance to meet it's obligation and we will undertake to do our reasonable best to get claims paid.

Cash pay patients
At this time we are accepting cash patients. We will ask you to pay in advance based on our estimate of charges as this will speed your time in the office.  If you are unable to pay at the time of service, we may ask you to reschedule your appointment.  We do not overbill and you will receive discounted fees for services if paid on the date of your visit.

As a small business, we ask for your cooperation with regard to billing and statements. We will send statments as soon as we receive payment information from your carrier ("EOB"). from your insurance carrier.  If your insurer did not/does not pay for any reason, we will immediately bill you for the outstanding amount etc.  If it becomes necessary to re-bill you, you will incur late charges and these will appear on your statements.  We will send your account for collection to our attorney if you fail to respond after two billing cycles or sixty days from the date of notification by your insurer whichever occurs first. 

If you disagree with our statement, please contact us immediately so we can work together to resolve the issue.   If you disagree with the insurance information, contact your insurer first.

Our policy is to turn over to collections all accounts with a remaining balance after (a) two statement cycles, (b) no notification of dispute, and (c) at least sixty days has passed from the date service was rendered.  It is our policy to collect 100% of amounts due with additional charges to recover reasonable attorney fees, court fees and any garnishment fees.  If your account is referred for collection, you and your immediate family members will be also discharged.  We refer you account for collections which may affect your ability to get credit in the future. Payment for medical records is expected at the time of collection.

Refills and prescriptions
We ask that your pharmacy fax us your prescription refill request so the the correct medication and pharmacy will be refilled.  We do not refill prescriptions by phone, after hours or on weekends.  Because of the labor intensive nature and volume of refill requests we receive daily, it may require up to 72 hours to process and return an order to the pharmacy (longer on weekends).  Please plan accordingly and remember, our primary goal is to see patients in the office. 

Discharge from practice
Sadly, occasionally it is necessary to discharge a patient from our practice.  The most common discharge reasons are delinquent accounts, failure to adhere to the plan of treatment, medication abuse and repeated no-shows.  Medical records will be forwarded to a new provider only upon written (not verbal) request.  We charge for medical records provided directly to a patient. Virginia law requires we maintain your medical records for not less than seven years. You may request your medical records by clicking here (one form per family member). We will contact you regarding the cost.

Scheduled substances
Narcotics and scheduled substance prescriptions (CII and CIII) must be picked up in person from our office and will not be mailed or kept for any reason.  Patients who's conditions require regular medication refills of scheduled substances are required to see a provider frequently based upon the condition. Discuss this with your provider. Patients who require regular pain medication should schedule their subsequent appointment prior to leaving the office to accomodate vacations, etc.

We participate in the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program ("VA-PMP") and we perform random drug screens in the office.