Family Medicine at Lansdowne
Robert Saunders MD, MS

old fashioned medicine for the modern family®


About Us

Today's family medicine doctor is quite different when compared to your fathers GP of years ago.  Over that past 100 years, family medicine has evolved to become a recognized and sought-after medical specialty prized for its ability to care for everyone from the very young to the very old.  Nowhere else in medicine is there such a diversity of patients.

Caring for the unique needs of infants and the elderly is often challenging requiring adaptability and personality. Blending knowledge of internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics and women's health requires constant training and updating of skills.

Not content with high levels of medical training and certification, our office has committed to bring you the latest in computer technology to ensure you receive the very best care available anywhere and the best possible service.  Not satisfied with commercial products, our systems have been completely customized and tailored to what we do best; care for you and your family.

Our scope is broad. We can care for acute-sick needs such as coughs and colds, and long-term needs such as diabetes, hypertension (blood pressure) and cholesterol.  Our large referral network ensures specialist care is only a phone call away.

While we sincerely hope you enjoy good health, we can assure you that when you need us, we can help.  Our open scheduling ensures maximum availability of your provider yet allows you to schedule routine appointments when convenient to your schedule.

Our Lansdowne office opened in 2006 and has seen rapid expansion.  We are conveniently located to Inova Loudoun Hospital with full admitting privileges.  We operate a 24h on-call service for urgent clinical matters that can not wait until the office reopens.

Finally, we participate with many insurance carriers and networks. Please call the office with insurance or coverage-related questions.