Dr. Chopivsky's estate has asked us to be the custodians of charts owned by his practice. Many of the charts of former patients have been provided to us for storage in our secure facility. While these charts are in our posession, we do not claim ownership. Former patients are free to enquire whether we have records in our possession and may collect them from us subject to a small handling and shipping fee. All requests for records will be subject to positive identification with an unexpired government issued photo ID.

Please do not call our office as we can not respond by telephone. To retrieve your chart, please print, and complete your request using the form available here. Then mail or fax your request along with a legible copy of your photo id. Please allow 7-10 days for processing your request after which we will contact you to let you know your records are available.

You may fax you request to (703).726.0081 or email to "fmlans@myupdox.com"